the SLOW Journey

Welcome to beetroute's The SLOW Journey!

From 31 July 2008 to June 2009, the beetroute team cycled from Tanzania to the Netherlands.The team chose to use bicycles as their mode of SLOW travel. They have also sailed. At times, for safety reasons, they required the use of public transport. Over 600 school students in The Netherlands followed The SLOW Journey at schools, plus an international audience.

In the future, we hope to offer you a SLOW Journey archive section, which will offer you the complete experience, including the beettv products, routelogs (an in depth written journal of each section travelled, travel information, visa requirements etc.), written blogs from the team, maps of the route and flags.

The SLOW Journey was not organised by an outside party/group/company or organisation. Jon and Aukje planned, prepared, financed, implemented and completed this project themselves, nearly 100% whilst being on the road. beetroute however thanks all those that have spread the word, volunteered, assisted, sponsored gear, read, viewed and commented. We would not have made this far without the help and assistance of many. Thank you all kindly.
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